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Sea to Sky Hop Solutions is North America’s leading supplier for hop processing equipment committed to the small to midsize hop growers across the continent.

Our Story

Sea to Sky Hop Solutions was founded in 2016 to supply British Columbian hop farms with Wolf hop harvesting machines.

It didn’t take long to realize the need for these machines all around North America. Hop dryers, balers, conveyors and other equipment was added to the line of products right away.

With only a couple of suppliers in Europe for repair parts for German made hop processing equipment, Sea to Sky Hop Solutions committed to supply the world market with these products. Expanding the inventory every year it is our passion to find the right part or service for every individual client that is looking to perfect the hop harvesting process.

We are constantly perfecting our line of services and products to meet the needs of our clients and we enjoy working together and figuring out every individual problem.

Christoph here!

industrial mechanic and machinist from 'The Old Country'

Featured author

Born and raised in Germany with Canadian citizenship he relocated to Canada in 2011. Christoph learned his trade in Germany and perfected it in Canada. Having worked in highly automated assembly plants, on massive coal conveyors at the port of Vancouver or on looming turbines inside BC Hydro dams he knows his way around industrial equipment like no other. The knowledge of hop harvesters was gained from working with hop machine mechanics and hop farmers in Germany to bring the experience to North America. Long before founding Sea to Sky Hop Solutions in 2016 he shipped vintage Volkswagen and other rarities around the world as a side gig and out of passion.

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Expertise in Importing Equipment

Transporting a piece of equipment around the globe or only across the continent is not a small job. With many years of experience in cross-border transportation of heavy equipment and vintage vehicles our delivery of equipment is most reliable at the best timelines possible. 

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All our prices are in CAD, so if you’re buying from outside Canada you are likely getting a 25-30% discount from your US currency exchange. Just think: everything we supply here is on sale, all the time! To give you the option we also offer large purchases in US Dollars.

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