Unveil the Wolf inside

 Bring out the best in your hop harvesting equipment. Sea to Sky Hop Solutions is here to help. 

Western Canada's hop coir twine supplier

S2S offers you the best landed price + quality. Period.

Wolf hop picker assembly

Yes, we do that. And we're really good at it.

We're hop farmers too.

S2S Hop Solutions is here to serve the technical needs of small scale hop farmers.

You're in good hands.

S2S is the only company in the world committed to servicing equipment and supply needs of small scale hop farmers. We're even fluent in German.

We're a Canadian company with Canadian banks...

All prices in CAD

What does that mean for American hop farmers who want to buy from S2S?

Well, it means all prices are at a 25-30% discount than your US currency. Just think: everything we supply here is on sale, the time!

Wolf hop harvester transport belts

Belt upgrades


Picker bar restoration

Wolf hop harvester upgrade

Wolf harvester upgrades

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