Used Hop Harvesters: A Smart Choice

Over the last few years, the per pound price for hops has been on the decline and left many farmers wondering if the undertaking is feasible or not. Used machinery comes in handy when setting up infrastructure or upgrading from either handpicking or upgrading from smaller equipment. The smaller units are useful when experimenting or simply just figuring it out.

The HopsHarvester Hopster5P or Hopster5G have been a popular choice for farms with a field size from 0.5-3 acres. The Hopster 5P alongside a tractor offers flexibility in terms of location and ownership. The Hopster 5G can even be towed with a pickup truck over small distances and can be used remotely due to its gas-powered engine. Both units made by HopsHarvester are available used and mostly in good condition. The manufacturer promises readily available repair parts in the US and Canada which makes these harvesters an interesting choice.

When expanding beyond 3 acres in total field size it makes most sense to upgrade to a Wolf Harvester. In the earlier 2000s and up to 2017 many Wolf Harvesters made their way to North America mostly cut in half and reassembled directly at a farm. Many of those harvesters are now re-entering the market at a much lower price than in the previous years.

Which Wolf makes sense?

  • WHE 140/170 : up to 12 acres
  • WHE 220 : up to 18 acres
  • WHE 280 : up to 25 acres
  • WHE 400/500/511/513: 30 - 75 acres

These numbers are per season and widely different due to operation, varieties and how many hours per day operated.

Generally speaking, any operation under 100 acres can be highly successful with one or multiple used machines. It depends on the goals and dependency of each individual undertaking.

If you are in the market for a used harvesting machine or need help making the right choice please get in touch with us.

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