Hop Balers (RB 60)

The world of hop balers is fairly small and most farmers are using the same style of baler. We have come across all sorts of variations from small 20 lbs to large industrial size 200 lbs balers.The baler is necessary to package the hops in manageable size bales until further processing is done.

Many farmers out there build their own design of baler to save costs (sometimes works, sometimes wastes money) and to build something that fits their needs. For those who don’t want to do that and rather rely on a weathered design have the opportunity to come to us and purchase a used RB60 baler.

Huh, what’s that?

RB = Rechteckballen (german for rectangular bale)

60 = 60 kg (approximately)

Dimensions of the bale: 60 x 60 x 120cm

There are 3 manufacturers in Germany that build RB 60 balers.

Wallner, Soller and Reith.

All three manufacturers go by the same size and design. The Reith balers are known to be the Ferraris of balers as compared to the Volkswagens Wallner and Soller. All 3 are highly reliable and work based on the same design. The baling ram is driven by an electric motor and gearbox that drives a chain that accuates the baling process. None of these balers use hydraulic rams which eliminates the hazard of contamination through hydraulic fluids due to leaking components. The balers usually come with 2 compartments for efficient and fast loading and unloading. Most of these units are equipped with a control panel that allows for automatic bale cycles and baling until the bale reaches approximately 60kg. Newer Reith models have a build-in scale that is connected to the control panel. The baling cycle will stop once the limits are reached. Most balers also can be connected to a conveyor motor that starts and stops the filling of the baling compartment.

Once a European baler is imported to North America the control panel has to receive the correct electricity. The balers run at 380 V and a frequency of 50 Hz which is the european standard.Thae voltage and frequency can be achieved with a transformer and VFD. 


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