About Us

Sam is a biologist and organic hop farmer from Canada. Christoph is an industrial mechanic from Germany. We're both oddly obsessed with old hop harvesters manufactured by Wolf.

Sam owns a Wolf WHE 140 to harvest organic hops on his farm in BC. Over the years, he's learned what she likes and doesn't like. When there is a problem he can't fix, Sam calls Christoph.

Christoph learned his trade in Germany and perfected it in Canada. You don't want anyone else working on your Wolf machine other than Christoph. He's the best.

He is usually working on massive coal conveyors at the port of Vancouver or on looming turbines inside BC Hydro dams. While this work pays the bills, he much prefers the simplicity of a Wolf assembly or repair job.

From our headquarters in British Columbia, Sam and Christoph work together to help small hop farmers source Wolf harvesters and access hard-to-find German parts. Sprockets, conveyors, picking fingers and drums, or even Kettenfuehrungselen. ´╗┐We will get you the part at the best price and when you need it so you can get on with farming hops.