Picker Bar, complete 140/170

Picker Bar, complete 140/170

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Brand new picker bar for all 140 and 170 picking machines. 

These picker bars are made from west coast fir, air dried and milled to manufacturer specifications. The picker fingers, springs, hold-down-bar and hardware are Made in Germany and assembled in Canada. 

Length: 1510mm or 1440mm

Number of fingers: 28 / 27 / 26

In order to get the right picker bar please choose from drop down menu. The overall length in mm of the wooden bar and the number of picking fingers will identify the correct picker bar. 

All picker bars are sold without mounting holes. Holes have to be drilled to fit the machine. 

Orders of more than 10 need to be ordered via e-mail at info@hopsolutions.ca

Every hop picking machine has 5 to 13 picking drums with several picker bars mounted to them and additional stationary picker bars throughout the machine. A broken or damaged picker bar will deteriorate the overall efficiency of every hop picking machine. Keep the bars and fingers in good shape to get the most out of your machine without loosing a cone.